Here are suggestions for the footnotes in Macbeth:


The arrival grove has 3 notecards and the HUD (user attachment) to be retrieved from the ? icon on the birdbath:

a) Welcome
b) Instructions
c) Credits

Welcome note

Welcome to the island Macbeth. This island was developed through a grant funded by the Australian Council for the Arts Literature Board, and sponsored by investor partner, the New Media Consortium. Macbeth is a space for both individual and class exploration of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, within the broader meta themes of the creative processes of writing, of Literary adaptation, of drama, and of the key theme of how one acts/makes decisions in society vis a vis beliefs and values. Please feel welcome to join the Macbeth group in world, the Macbeth, and visit our Macbeth wiki (


- Please find the "Macbeth User Attachment" object in this folder, right-click it and select "Wear".
- Keep this attachment on at all times while on the island to ensure a complete experience.
- Please set your environment under the World menu, Force Sun, Revert to Region Default.
- Please ensure your media options are set to play streaming video automatically in your Preferences, Audio & Video tab.
- Also set your "Sounds" & "Music" volume so it is audible to you.


Producer: Kate Richards (Nini Dubrovny)

Director: Kerreen Ely-Harper (Dorothy Porta)

Virtual Worlds Content Designer: Angela Thomas (Anya Ixchel)

Design Consultant: Adam Nash (Adam Ramona)

Voiceover Actors:

Maggie Blinco
Boris Brkic
Angela Little
Christopher Morris
Alice Parkinson
Evelyn Parsonage

NMC Building team: CJ Carnot, Stella Costello

Special thanks to Larry Johnson of the NMC for his support of this project.

There is one more ? icon outside the Chamber of Blood

Please ensure you are wearing the user attachment - click for another copy of this here.