Sunday October 12th AEST

11am GROVE
- people arrive
- we're on hand to greet them

11.20am What if? islet
Speeches streamed across island on SKYPE

- KR thanks guests and introduces and thanks our team and the project
- KEH background to project, why shakespeare in SL, thanks Oz Co, thanks Cast
- AT introduces and thanks NMC and team, hands over the Larry
- Larry opens the island

11.40 - 12.10 What if? islet
- muscians' set # 1

12.30 - 1 pm What if? islet
- musicians' set # 2

11.40 am onwards
- mini tours available by the CREATORS starting at arrival grove

INVITE LIST NB: X sent - Kerreen

group 1 - invitation - each person to do their own
group 2 - invitation + brochure - each person to do their own (professional contacts)
group 3 - invitation + brochure + email cover for PRESS

EXPERTS Test Group + invite

Gary Hayes (Lamp mentor, SL producer)
Jackie Turnure (Lamp mentor, author/producer Hoodlum )
Adam Nash (Babelswarm)
Kim Flintoff academic QUT, online role -play expert
Melinda Rackham ANAT, media artist
Sarah Waterson (academic, multimedia artist)
Gary Wisniewski (from SLCN.TV )
Ben Batstone – Cunningham ( from Alt Zoom Studios )


Angela Little /Ophelia of the Spirits
Leslie Parsonage
Boris Brkic
Alice parkinson
Christopher Morris
Jacobie Gray/Maggie Blinco

BELL SHAKESPEARE *Invite + brochure + invite to demo at Sydney Uni/test group

Linda Lorenza Linda Lorenza <> X
John Bell C/
Jill Berry
Gill Perkins
Matthew Edgerton
Marion Potts
Joanna Erskine

ABC *Invite + brochure offer demo?

Abigail Thomas (Head of New Media Innovation ABC) Avatar: Abi Goldflake
Amanda Dunthie (Head of Arts & Entertainment ABC)
Jennifer Collins (Manager of Programming ABC)
Courtney Gibson (ABC Head)


Kirsten von Bibra
Dina Panozzo
Patrick Connolly
Alex Walker
Cymbeline Buhler
Sarah Cathcart
Khristina Totos
Amanda Bishop
Brendon Mcdonall
Nicholas Higgins (theatre lighting designer, computer programmer, SL literate)
Jason Romney
Natasha Moszenin


Ma'ara Romia
Caroline Petite
Ayela Thilo
Deborah Ely
Al Cossar
Emily Crockett
sandy greenwood
Mark Hopkins
Kathryn Milliss
Carmel McAloon
Kylie Robinson
Keren Moran
Shoni Ellis

Lisa Romano (Former SL Lamp Mentor & ABC Iview)
Vicki Prout from (High profile executive Media)
Marissa Cook (Lamp Mentor, on line producer, SL literate)
John Banks (Lamp mentor, academic, on-line games expert)
Matt Costello (Lamp mentor, author/games interactive expert Doom 3, Pirates of The Caribbean)
Karen Pearlman (Thursday’s Fictions, SL producer, editor)
Richard Allen (Thursday’s Fictions author/artist)
Nicki Johnson (former VMacbeth team member, editor/mutlimedia designer)
Neroli Wesley (former VMacbeth team member)
Laurel Papworth
Cristyn Davies (academic, artist)
Peter Giles
Lesley Watson

TEACHERS/EDUCATORS Invite + brochure

Westley Field (Teacher MLC Skoolaborate Teen Grid )

Australia Council Invite + brochure**

Therese Fingleton
Andrew Donovan
Ricardo Peach
Andrew Parker
Susan Hayes
Kathy Keele
Ben Strout

Inter Arts Section
Literature Section
Music section
Theatre section