Multimedia / SL experts

Larry - I think Larry has done his share of testing! But he may like to be there when we have a larger group in to help capture comments -
Nick Noakes (SL Educator and multimedia expert, Hong Kong University) - √ rsvp session 2
Beth Ritter-Guth (Literature Alive, academic teaching English and Literature) - √ rsvp session ?
Laura Nicosia (academic teaching literature in SL) -
Kim Flintoff (WA, academic doing PhD research into SL and drama) - √ rsvp session 2
Dan Zellner (theatre and performance expert in SL) - √ rsvp session 1
Jo Kay (private consultant in Virtual Worlds) - √ SORRY TOO BUSY
Gary Hayes (Lamp mentor, SL producer)
ilaria vanni √ rsvp session 1

Jackie Turnure (Lamp mentor, author/producer Hoodlum ) √ Bounce back again
Have resent - no reply as yet, but usually VBUSY so let's leave her for now.

Adam Nash (Babelswarm)

Melinda Rackham √

Sarah Waterson (academic, multimedia artist) √ rsvp session 1
laurel papworth
mr snow and zina kaye √ rsvp session 2 for zina
malcolm smith√ rsvp session 1
maria miranda √
norie neumark

Nicholas Higgins (theatre lighting designer, computer programmer, SL literate)

Jason Romney

Joff Chafer (SL: Joff Fassnacht) from Coventry University Theatre Dept and a member of SLShakespeare.
(kim flintoff contact)


Dean Groom (Teacher EXTRAORDINAIRE at private school in Parramatta) -
Judy O'Connell (Teacher and SL guru at Joeys) -
Westley Field (Teacher MLC) BH: 97471266
English teachers (1 offline group; 1 SL online International group) to test and offer feedback on educational usability
Darcy Moore, Deputy Principal Dapto High School
The Learning Federation - contact via Therese Fingleton
Kim Flintoff class of preservice Drama teachers have a look at some real SL activity that conects with their learning. (kim flintoff contact)

Other groups

Secondary Students – controlled group MLC Burwood, Westely Field - no, we can't do this one until Macbeth is in the teen grid or we'll all be banned from using SL and have our accounts deleted!!!!!

ABC demo in house? TBA

ACTORS demo in house? TBA

Bell Shakespeare Company – sydney lab to be booked - Angela need somes date from you when you'd be available to run this?

Australia Council – Therese Fingleton - will contact her directly for more names

AFTRS Multi Media Students – contact Peter Giles

RMIT creative arts media students – Adam Nash contact